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Executive and Financial Coaching

A Track Record of Success in Defense Litigation

Practice Areas

Financial Analysis

We work with entrepreneurs to set up, manage and monitor their financial systems.

Real Estate Consulting and Coaching

As a licensed real estate agent and attorney, we can provide analysis, listing, co-brokerage, and advising.

Business Coaching, Consulting and General Counsel

We provide general counsel services to businesses small to large.

Tax Audit Representation

As licensed CPA's we can represent you in tax audits and resolution cases.

Financial Planning and Coaching

Asset protection and financial planning for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Law

We can represent organizations in Washington and California

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About the Firm

Result-Oriented  Trained Coaches, Attorneys, and CPAs

Business challenges can place substantial sums of money, careers, and businesses on the line. One mistake, even a small one, you and your family could lose all that you’ve worked a lifetime to build. To protect your family, future, and assets, you need a lawyer and a law firm that has “been there” to help navigate those difficult times.

As a boutique firm, Centerbridge has built a reputation for fast, decisive action. Because of our focus on personalized attention, we strictly limit the number of businesses and individuals that we work with, as well as the types of matters we will work on.

We recognize that being named in a lawsuit, having an IRS audit, or trying to navigate a bank covenant failure or cash flow challenge is extremely stressful. Our professionals and paralegals take client calls whenever possible, and if they are unable to answer your calls, calls are returned and emails are responded to promptly. When required, our attorneys and staff are available to clients during evenings, weekends, and holidays – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We focus on being efficient and effective. We keep our overhead low, our billing reasonable, and are able to develop creative fee arrangements to assist your cash flow and arrive at a successful outcome.

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