Clutter Creates Stress! Manage Your Mess!

Cleanliness - Not Clutter - is next to Godliness

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” This phrase, while simple at first glance, has a profound meaning.

Maintaining a clean and organized living space is not only good for physical health but mental as well. You will experience an increased sense of peace when you come home to find your surroundings tidy and presentable.

When you’re organized, your life is less stressful. You can find what you need when needed and have space to relax at home without being reminded of all the things you could do.

A clean home or office is not only time-saving but will reduce stress as well.

6 Easy Tips To Remove Clutter and Reduce Stress

  1. Make a “things to make” list every day. Prioritize your list with the most important items at the top. This will give you a framework for accomplishing today and prevent distractions from taking up time that you could better use elsewhere in your day. It is easier to stay on task with less clutter throughout the week when managing tasks effectively through an organized schedule. A structured routine provides the motivation needed to maintain order within every aspect of life – starting with our morning routines all the way down into how we store things after use or discard them altogether.
  2. Rely on yourself. Self-reliance builds self-confidence. And, when you pick up after yourself instead of relying on others to do it for you, your self-esteem increases and becomes stronger because everything has a place in the world that is known only by oneself.
  3. Make it a habit to put things back in their place after use. This is the easiest way to keep your place tidy. The next time you need that important document or you’re rushing out the door and need your car keys, and this little trick will make finding them easy as pie! You’ll save time and feel less frazzled throughout the day.
  4. Finish your list today. When you make your to-do list manageable, it makes for a smoother day. Needing fewer items on the list means more time towards completing them all by the end of today. A clean slate is always welcome in any professional setting and helps keep anxiety at bay when tackling tomorrow’s tasks without looking back!
  5. Finish assignments early. A good way to make your environment more peaceful is by being prepared. If you’re waiting until the last minute, it’ll be chaotic and stressful for not only yourself but also those around you who are trying their best to help. One thing that can create a lot of peace in an area is having enough time set aside so if something goes wrong, and there’s no panic or stress involved – this will keep life simple!
  6. Throw stuff away. The most frequent cause of a disorderly home or office is too much stuff. The quickest and easiest remedy is to grab a huge trashcan, your favorite upbeat music, and a friend. Spent 2 hours getting rid of as much stuff as you can- discard the junk without any hesitation! Reward yourself for all that hard work with dinner afterward: cook something in celebration if it’s been a while since you’ve had time to do so…or order pizza instead; it doesn’t matter what kind – enjoy some delicious food while feeling proud about accomplishing this task on your own accord!

With these simple steps and the determination to reclaim your space, you can experience peace of mind within your home or office. Get started today and watch how quickly it becomes easier!

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