Why Does Success Elude You?

So many of us are unhappy with our level of success, and it’s easy to see why. It can be hard to figure out what successful people do that makes them so different, though. But one thing they don’t do is make the same mistakes as other people who aren’t succeeding like themselves! You’ll improve your odds at achieving higher levels if you avoid common failures in business.

11 Success Killing Mistakes

  1. Using socially acceptable excuses to quit. It’s easy to find 20 excuses not to go for success. Socially acceptable reasons are those your peers will understand the best, and that’s why we often fall into this trap. Refuse yourself from falling into the same trap, don’t give up!
  2. Not having habits that support your goals. Your life is a reflection of your habits. You’re either progressing or regressing each day, and the key to success lies in having effective habits.
  3. Relying on luck. To avoid work or responsibility, many of us do the minimum necessary to have a chance at success and rely on luck for anything else. A more effective alternative has such a good plan that you’ll need all your resources not to fail. Borrow from the military’s idea of overwhelming force: bring as much resource into each fight as possible so there can be no margin for error- even if something goes wrong, it’ll still end up being successful because we gave ourselves enough chances!
  4. Not knowing where you’re going. Most people go about their daily tasks with no intention, without even knowing what they are trying to accomplish. Success requires a known endpoint, and you can’t accidentally end up on the summit of Mount Everest. Any significant achievement requires that you clearly understand your objective before moving forward in life, so don’t just work hard but instead work diligently for something greater than yourself – set goals!
  5. Lacking a realistic timeline. In your enthusiasm, be careful about being too aggressive with the timeline when you set a goal. It’s easy to overestimate what can be accomplished in a certain time period, leading to disappointment and discouragement if not met or surpassed by the deadline.
  6. Giving up too soon. This is the biggest reason for the lack of success. You can’t fail if you never quit. There are always opportunities to turn things around, so don’t give up just yet! Hang in there and keep going because sooner or later, your luck will change for the better.
  7. You’re afraid of success. So, you’ve just reached the top and are ready to take on an entirely new world of responsibility? If success isn’t 100% positive, then it means that failure is also not 100%. It feels like there are more people watching everything you do. There can be a certain amount of stress associated with success. Just remember that being unsuccessful will always feel uncomfortable too!
  8. You’re afraid of failure. Failing can be rough on the ego. The most successful people have failed more than anyone else. In all likelihood, nobody will even notice when you fail – they’ll see how incredible your successes are instead!
  9. Avoiding full responsibility. You are in charge of your own success and failures. It is not up to others whether or not you succeed; it’s on you. If we want to be successful, we must take responsibility for our current situation into our hands and stop blaming others because they don’t control us as people think.
  10. Being pessimistic. A negative attitude brings about a poor outcome and ensures that you will never put in the work necessary to achieve success. Why would anyone even try? Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts, and good things are sure to happen.
  11. You can’t handle being uncomfortable. To succeed, you need more than a willingness and passion for your work. You also have to handle difficult feelings- or in other words, uncomfortable feelings like fear of failure when trying new ways of doing things- that come with the territory. There are many different techniques out there on how best to learn this skill, though!

Success can be a difficult and sometimes discouraging journey. Thankfully, the most successful people know what they want in life and are more persistent than others when it comes to their goals; this is because they have set themselves up for success from day one! To avoid the common reasons why some people lack self-success: don’t wait around or keep putting things off that you need to get done today – make sure your energy levels stay high by eating well (sometimes we forget) but also exercising regularly so as not only do our minds perform better overall but our bodies will too!


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